Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Count that Badminton

An Olympic Badminton Racket has approximately 25 strings in total. When these strings intersect they form squares. This means that there is approximately 250 squares on the racket. Take what you know about right angles to figure out how many right angles there are on an entire badminton racket.

hint a right angle=90 degrees.

Million Dollar Michael's Massive Magnificent Motions

On average, every swim stroke Michael Phelps takes gets him 2 meters down the pool. Michael competed in 8 separate events during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing:

  • 400 meter individual medley
  • 4x100 meter freestyle relay
  • 200 meter freestyle
  • 200 meter butterfly
  • 4x200 meter freestyle relay
  • 200 meter individual medley
  • 100 meter butterfly
  • 4x100 meter medley relay
In total, how many meters did Michael swim for his gold medals?

Finally, how many strokes did Michael have to take in total for all of his events combined if Michael can propel himself 2 meters with each stroke?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Field Hockey Final

In a field hockey tournament during the Beijing Olympics in 2008, the average number of goals scored by the American team was 4.25

How can this be possible when a goal in field hockey is always worth 1? How did our average become a decimal when we were only using whole numbers? Explain.

Single Serving

In Olympic tennis during the summer games the court is split up into five rectangles on each side. In singles tennis the ball is allowed to be played in three of the five rectangles. In doubles tennis the ball can be played in any five of the rectangles. A serve is the first hit ball of the point being played. The ball that is served is only allowed to bounce in one of the two rectangles below the service line.

What is the probablity that the ball will bounce in the appropriate square off the serve in singles tennis game?

Turn your thinking into a fraction. Is the fraction the same in a doubles tennis game?

Straight Speed

Olympic sports such as bobsledding, skiing and gymnastics all include the
use of straight lines. In bobsledding the blades are what need to be straight.
In skiing, a skier will move faster when his/her skis are close together.
In gymnastics the uneven bars must be straight and close to one another.

Thinking about these lines can you think of
another characteristic they hold?

What angle do they make?

What kinds of lines are they?

Uneven Bars=Uneven Scores

The Olympic sport of gymnastics is judged with a point system. Nastia Liukin, an uneven bar champion scored a disappointing 16.725 in Bejing putting her in second place. Her opponent beat her by 0.001 of a point. The Bronze metal winner's score was a 14.975.

What was the Gold metal winners score?

By how much did Nastia score over the Bronze medalist?

If we rounded up the scores could a winner be determined, or is the decimal necessary to distinguish Gold from Silver?

Rings of the World

The Five Rings have been the official symbol of the Olympic Games since 1913. The five rings represent the five major regions of the world: Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania and the Americas. The five different colors of the rings are blue, yellow, black, green and red. At least one of those five colors appears on every national flag in the world.
What is the general likelyhood that the color blue is present in at least one country's flag on each continent?

What percentage of the ring's colors can be found on the flag of the United States of America?